• 26 Letters Shine Bright in a Lullaby Alphabet
    With a sprinkle of stardust and a dash of moonlight, an everyday alphabet becomes so much more… Enchanting illustrations pair with engaging rhymes in a warm and expressive picture book for animal lovers of all ages. A delightful read aloud, or early reader that will also delight adult ABC collectors. Full-color illustrations of each alphabet letter. Introduces both capital and small case letters, and two words for each letter. Ages: Read Aloud – Adult
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    Visit Alphabet Dreams Illustrator Lucy Arnold @ www.lucyarnold.com
  • A young Bhutanese girl meets her best friend in dream. As they grow in love for each other and the wonders of life, their real-world lives are forever transformed. Rich in authentic Bhutanese and Bhuddist imagery. Ages: Read Aloud – Adult

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