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Moonwitch of Crushtide Island

Available October, 2020

Fantasy Series
Middle GradeAdult

Druk and Mita

Available October, 2020

Picture Book
Read Together–Adult


Dear Readers,

Thank you for your terrific support of every kind – from book purchases, to spreading the word, to taking time to write reviews. We launched two new books in 2020, picture book, Druk and Mita and mid-grade fantasy Moonwitch of Crushtide Island. And we’ve got a summer event for you . I’ll be reading Druk and Mita on the Sausalito Books by the Bay patio Sunday, August 22 at 11 a.m. See the poster below for details. Hope you can join us for the fun.

Speaking of Sharing – I have a Gift Read for you:

Fabulous Frozen Fantasma Happiness

As some of you know, Christmas in Dreamhaven means dreamy and delicious traditions. Turns out, the Fabulous Frozen Fantasma wasn’t always made of… but I’ll let our Dreamhaven heroes tell you that story. I hope you enjoy.

Happy Holidays, Dear Readers! Wishing You Well in Every Way

On another note, at the book launch, we premiered the songs I wrote for for Dreamhaven – Clavier’s Theme; Moonwitch of Crushtide Island – There’s Always Someone Dreaming Somewhere; Druk and Mita – The Night We Found Forever. I look forward to recording them to share with you online.

Thanks for your visit, and Keep in Touch. We love to share all the latest Inevitable Ink news and titles with you.

All of our published titles, Druk and Mita, Moonwitch of Crushtide Island, Alphabet Dreams, The Alphabet Dreams Coloring Book and Dreamhaven are currently available from your local booksellers, or visit our Bookstore.



A native San Franciscan, I grew up in the Haight-Ashbury when love, music and revolution were the perfect answers to every question. At the University of California, Santa Cruz, I worked in the campus library and sang in an R&B and Grateful Dead cover band. And, yes, I did also get a degree in Humanistic Psych.

While a Producer for Broderbund Software, I managed products from concept to marketplace. Eventually, I went freelance, providing content for clients including Disney, Deloitte and Touche and the County of Marin. In 2015, I launched Inevitable Ink Publishing.

FUN is my beloved husband, Mark • weekly critique with talented writers • amazing illustrators Lucy Arnold and Cara Beva • music • Latin Dance • characters that take me places I never expected to go.

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