Gratitude as a daily practice has changed my life.

My blood is blessed and burdened with the poetic fatalism of the Irish, and a love of blues-based Fado from the Portuguese. Of course the Catholic Church also gifted me with Original Sin before I’d taken my first baby breath. Translation: My typical take on life is dramatic, bordering on bleak.

When negative is second nature, the challenge is discovering how to shift to positive. For me, the answer is Gratitude.

Like so much of the best in life, Gratitude takes practice – a few moments set aside each day to acknowledge the constant flow of gifts I receive: My amazing husband; friends who love and sustain me; Peach, my furry guru; that unselfconscious bird song; sweet, nourishing rain; the smile of a stranger; Thanksgiving bounty; inspiration for my next story; the chance to sing and dance; lemons bright yellow in the sunlight…

Fortunately, gratitude is addictive and can happen anywhere, at any moment.

So, Thank You.