July 2021

March 2020

2 New Books Coming Oct 18, 2020

Save the Date! Sunday, Oct 18, 2020 at 1pm. Join us to hear the secret history of two new books, our latest picture book, Druk and Mita. And Moonwitch of Crushtide Island, Book II in the Dreamhaven, mid-grade fantasy series. We’ll have book drawings, readings and live music. After Oct 18, visit Inevitable Ink to download activities, including ready-to-color illustrations from all our books; Smoke’s Journey Maze and The Moonwitch of Crushtide Island Word Search. On Oct 18th all our books will be available from The Inevitable Ink Bookstore, and indie bookstore Sausalito Books by the Bay. Check out the event flyer below, and Click Here to Register:  link


July 2018

Fireworks, Oh Yeah!

Fireworks, oh yeah!

This month we celebrate the launch of the new Inevitable Ink website.

We’ll take a wee moment to send thanks and best wishes to our original webmistress, Julie, as she pursues new paths.

Today, we owe huge thanks and kudos to Jeff Arnold at J. Arnold Consulting for our new design. Jeff deserves maximum credit for working with patience and fortitude to welcome visitors to the worlds of Inevitable Ink.

Many thanks to Mark and Heidi Krahling for generously giving us a photo-shoot at Las Marinitas, their delicious restaurant in San Anselmo, CA. Deep thanks to photographer Mark Morris for his wonderful photos. And cheers to authors Cary Sparks and Christine Harvey for their pivotal feedback.

We look forward to meeting our community here often to share our latest news, promos and events, and to preview our new titles in the coming months.

So come on in. Explore, poke around and let us know what you think.

Happy Fourth of July!


June 2018

2019 Titles

We are excited to announce that two new titles will be available from Inevitable Ink in 2019: Beyond the Whispering Winds, and Druk and Mita. Beyond the Whispering Winds is the second book in the Dreamhaven fantasy series. Druk and Mita is a new picture book set in Bhutan, beautifully and authentically illustrated by Lucy Arnold.

September 2017

Hot in More Ways Than One

Oregon Shakespeare Festival, Elizabethan Theatre


Ashland Oregon was hot this year with 110° temps, matched by equally hot onstage performances at OSF. I arrived back home inspired and excited to continue work on “Dreamhaven II.” More info on this latest book with you come January, but right now I’ll recommend three plays from Ashland, in case they reach a stage near you.

  • Hannah and the Dread Gazebo by Jiehae Park – the world premiere of a funny, fabled and well-staged play about a Korean family in crisis. The show had plenty of universal appeal. I laughed and, yes, I cried too.
  • Shakespeare in Love – I loved the film and feared disappointment. But this U.S. premier rocked. The adapted script, amazing actors, and full-on Elizabethan costumes cast their spell. Again.
  • Homer’s The Odyssey – Lead actor, Christopher Donahue, brought the ancient tale to life in the outdoor Elizabethan. I love this quote from Director Mary Zimmerman: “The Odyssey outdoors…feels like a bit of a homecoming…to be back in the open air where it was first told and heard, under the same old stars that witnessed it then.” She was oh so right. A magical night of theatre.

January 2016

May 2016 Bring

It’s 5:30 a.m. I lie sandwiched between two of the sweetest souls on Earth. My beloved husband sleeps to my right, while our treasured Norwegian forest cat molds her body to my left side. How do I know these are wondrous souls? Because they take their places night after night, sharing their warmth and love with me. Still.

We three have lived intimately for many years by any human standard. But if you measure time in moments and emotions exchanged, we’ve spent at least a century together. In that time, we’ve seen a lot of water flow under our bridge: My patient companions have withstood enough tears to soak through all our carpets, run down the stairs and pour out of every door – for at least a week. They’ve remained sympathetic through loss, pain, panic, exhaustion and relief. And they face anger that can flip from frosty to blistering in six seconds flat. Or less. Depending on the situation.

Yet they look into my eyes with love. They expect me to be trustworthy. They make me laugh out loud often. We’ve become shifting constellations that must honor their bonds with a silent caress, a quick kiss, a sleepy smile, and, of course, food.

I fear greed is another of my flaws, yet I wish and hope with all my heart that love lives on and on…for you, for us, for every being.

May 2016 bring immutable love and peace to ALL.

May 2015

Escaping the Wind

Meditation feels to me like crossing over a threshold. I step from the wind of cause and effect into shelter: The sudden quiet; a deep spontaneous breath; a sigh of relief.

When I was a little girl, and often, even as a teenager, I’d cross a similar threshold into the welcoming arms of San Francisco’s tiny chapels and magnificent churches. I felt like I was entering the secret heart of the City, its bubbling life muted by a consensual hush and the ancient comfort of jewel-stained glass. A solid wood door would whisper closed, and Life’s Sound and Light show paused for a brief intermission.

Don’t get me wrong. I love a spotlight, the roar of my team in victory and the ripe buzz of a big city. I just crave the silence too.

As church doors get locked and loud selfies with the Mother of God banish the spirits I knew, a part of me mourns their passing.

But just this morning, I remembered, again, the way to the threshold within me.

December 2014

Oh, Those Magic Doors!

We last left each other in the spring. I was on my way to Bhutan, Cambodia and Bangkok. And I know you were starring in your own adventures.

Our trip was amazing and I’ll offer more detail in future writings, but the upshot is: go, go, go! Bhutan is a particularly interesting blend of medieval, agrarian society with new cell phones, and a spanking new democracy welded to Buddhism at its very large heart. But magic doors is really my current topic, so…

Soon after I returned from Asia, I discovered I’d made a commitment to a longtime and beloved friend that meant I wasn’t going to be in town for our annual salsa competition in July. That was tough news for me to accept – and to break to Salsa Libre. Read “door closing.”

But then my decision seemed to lay out a welcome mat for inspiration, as in “door opening.” Since May, I’ve written four new tunes, a picture book (really?), and a new sci-fi short story. I’ve also decided to self publish my middle-grade novel, and I’m in talks with a brilliant artist for illustrations.

But what was my first reaction? Grumpy! So I felt ungrateful along with grouchy right up until my ever-wise friend Patsy said, “You’re not ungrateful for the gifts, you’re impatient with anything that interrupts them. This is the best ride in the creative theme park. Who wouldn’t be grumpy when they had to step off?”

So now I’m just full time grateful, and accepting the grumpy as part of the package. I’m also thankful for insightful friends and a very patient husband.

Have a great Holiday Season and a truly wonderful New Year!

Note: If you like sci-fi, check out Clarkesworld, the online sci-fi and fantasy ‘zine. Great writing, fun attitude – and they have gift subscriptions. I know my man is gonna love his.

February 2014

2014 Part 2 – “Mind the Gap”

On February 1st, two events glittered happily on my horizon. We were successfully booked to celebrate our big anniversary in Thailand, Cambodia and Bhutan. And Salsa Libre had been offered our potentially best-yet gig. Days later, the two events imploded in my calendar: The gig was scheduled for the same night as our flight for Asia.

I know it was ridiculous to feel sad. But I did. Now if this gig had been scheduled mid-trip, unfortunate, and I’d get over it. But this timing – my salsa sisters stepping on the dance floor as I stepped on the plane – this felt like a cruel joke.

Hadn’t anyone “in charge” noticed my beautiful, auspicious dream?

Happily, there was leeway with Mark and the travel company to change our tickets. If you don’t count the lack of sleep we’ll endure as a result, there are some unexpected benefits to our altered itinerary. Excellent.

Then our choreographer made an announcement: only those who passed a challenging audition would dance this performance.

I thought of my glorious dance dream. But this time a different soundtrack played in my ears. I heard the strident, mechanical voice in the London tube warning, “Mind the Gap.”

The last two weeks of heavy rehearsal, and tough critique, atop regular life and trip prep have been riddled with frustration, sleeplessness, stress and meltdowns. Oh yeah, I signed up for it. And now I’m asking for the grace to accept the best outcome for all.

Wish me luck for the audition.

2014 Part 1: The Dream

I dreamt that I was enjoying a remarkable evening with friends. The night was warm and exotic with torches and candlelight throwing shadows across the bare ground and rough table. We talked and laughed over a timeless dinner. I got up to use the women’s room. It was on my way back to the table that the miracle happened.

I walked in a wide aisle between massive crates overflowing with flawless fruit stacked higher than my head. I heard compelling Latin music. The dirt beneath my feet turned to a smooth white surface as my body began to dance. Stunned, I glanced down at my white-girl feet moving in perfection to the sultry music. Then I was dancing atop the mangoes and watermelon without missing a beat, without damage, without ever having to stop.

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